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Power of Attorney | Document Preparation in Belfast and Northern Ireland

If you need to receive your Civil documents, register your child, buy/sell property, but do not have time or ability to do it yourself, we can assist you in preparing Power of Attorney.

The Power of Attorney is an official delegation of your legal powers to the other person (the Attorney-in-Fact) in case you are not able to perform your duties yourself. Anyone, either family member or a friend, can be appointed as the Attorney-in-Fact in this case.

In cooperation with the notaries in the Northern Ireland we can prepare Powers of Attorney for receiving civil documents abroad, representing in courts, purchasing or selling property as well as Parental Consents and Affidavits.

We can prepare Power of Attorney in English and the target language of the country it will be used in. You need to provide a valid ID of yours as well as the proof of address and the passport details of the Attorney-in-Fact for identification. Your signature will be witnessed by the Notary and for some countries Apostille legalisation will also be required.

A Power of Attorney is a written authorisation of a party you know to exercise your rights and perform legal activities on your behalf.

In our office we can draft a Power of Attorney for you in English, translate it into any other language as well as arrange an appointment with the Solicitor or Notary Public for your signature authentication.

You don't have to have the ready text of Power of Attorney. Just tell us the main powers you want to delegate and come to our office with your passport and passport details of the Attorney-in-Fact (the person who you are authorising).

Please, remember that to certify the Power of Attorney you must have your valid photo ID with you.

Some countries require Apostille stamp on the Power of Attorney. We can assist with putting Apostille and can send your the ready document by registered post if you do not have time to come to the Office to collect it.

Please contact us on the phone, by mail or paying us a visit.

We are here to save your time and money!

To order a Power of Attorney please contact us: belfast@docsbase.com

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  • Scottish Provident Building, Office 507, 7 Donegall Square W, Belfast BT1 6JH
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