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Apostille Services in Belfast and Northern Ireland

An Apostille is a stamp of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the country the document was issued or legalised in. It is usually put on or attached to the document and certifies the country of origin, the position and the name of the legalising authority.

Once your translation, Power of Attorney or Affidavit are legalised with the Apostille stamp they become equally valid in the foreign country.

Apostille is accepted in most counties of the world which are members of the Hague Convention.

With Apostille you would not require any further certification and can use your translations without validating these in the foreign counties.

Our consultants will translate, notarise and legalise your documents with Apostille stamp and safely deliver them anywhere in the world. We can also provide Apostille services for documents issued in Lithuania and Latvia.

Apostille attestation

For documents being presented in counties which are members of the Hague Conference (and relevant Convention) getting an Apostille in the Northern Ireland may be necessary . This typically requires issuing an apostille on either Tier 1 or 2 above and then arranging further legalisation. Please contact us for guidance on this as each country has its own procedures and considerable variations in cost.

Apostille birth certificate

When you present your UK Birth Certificate in a foreign country, it may be hard to determine whether the document is genuine and legal. Apostille on UK Birth certificate makes your document legally valid and recognised abroad. Usually Apostille in Northern Ireland is put an original Birth certificate or a UK solicitor or UK notary certified copy of the document. Please contact us for advice to get and Apostille on your Birth certificate in shortest terms.

Apostille diploma

We can legalise your UK diplomas and UK certificates as well as the copies of your documents issued in the Northern Ireland with an Apostille stamp. Some foreign institutions request Apostille stamp to be attached to the original document. To get the copy of the original Apostilled it has to be notarised first. Please feel free to email us with details of the documents you have and our consultants will advise you on Apostille legalisation in Northern Ireland for any particular case.

Apostille marriage certificate

An Apostille stamp on UK marriage certificates makes your marriage legally recognised in the authorities in the countries overseas. It also confirms that the document was issued by the relevant marriage registration office and the marriage solemnised by the authorised person. Each Apostille in Northern Ireland is dated, given a unique reference number and registered. We can offer you an urgent UK Apostille service and can provide a same day service.

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