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Court Interpreting Services in Belfast and Northern Ireland

Court interpreting is required when any witness, defendant or other participant in legal proceedings such as a family solicitor is not sufficiently adept in the language in which the court proceedings are undertaken to follow them.

Experience and professionalism for every client

In any court situation, it is imperative that all participants fully understand everything that is said during the proceedings, whether these take place in a court room, tribunal hearing or in a conference hall. Here at Document Translation Services Northern Ireland, we can provide a professional, fully qualified and experienced court interpreter anywhere in the Belfast area. All our interpreters are native speakers in the language either into or out of which they are interpreting and are fully trained, qualified and experienced in the other language. Indeed, many of our interpreters are native bilingual speakers in both languages.

Whether the court hearing is for a trivial or a more serious matter, we are greatly experienced in interpreting for cases of similar magnitude, for both witness and defendant, in the NI legal system. All our dedicated court interpreters have trained in the NI and UK courts, and can translate terminology specific to these legal systems into equivalent terms that are easily understood by the client in their native language. Our interpreters guarantee complete confidentiality to all our clients at all times.

Court interpreting across NI and ROI

If required, we can usually arrange to provide one of our interpreters anywhere within Northern Ireland. We can usually provide an interpreter for all meetings with your or the courts’ legal advisors if English is not your native language. For court proceedings taking place in the Republic of Ireland, we can arrange to have a fully qualified interpreter from our partners in Dublin, fully proficient in ROI legal terminology and proceedings, to assist you.

We also offer a variety of legal document translation services.

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