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Certified Translation Services

Certified translation services for the lowest prices in Northern Ireland

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Certification of Documents in Belfast and Northern Ireland

Only a certified translation can be considered an official translation of the document. Please note that in some cases translation without an appropriate certification is not accepted. Prior to preparing your document please consult with the authority you are sending the document to or alternatively contact us and we will advise you on the type of certification applicable in your case.

We can translate and certify your documents in accordance with the requirements of authorities where document will be submitted. Our consultants are always available and can advise on the most cost effective type of certification whether it is a Notary, Solicitor, Sworn Translator Certification or a True Copy of the Original, Signature Authentication , Apostille etc.

We offer discounts for large volume documents and can make appointment with legal specialists at the best prices in Northern Ireland. Should you need an interpreter we can also provide one.

We guarantee that your documents for Immigration, Marriage, Legal or Business aims or any other purpose are accordingly prepared and legalised in accordance with the requirements of the country they are presented.

Please note that we only certify documents prepared or translated by our company. If you need to certify a translation that has been prepared by a translator or translation agency abroad, we usually validate it before certifying.

Sworn Translations

Solicitor-certified or Notary-certified translations (also known as Sworn Translation) can only be provided by certified translators. To prepare a Sworn translation the original or certified copy of a source document has to be sewn together with the translation, then a special a statutory declaration by the sworn translator is attached. A Solicitor or a notary certifies the signature of the translator.

True Copy of the Original

A True Copy of the Original is a standard Solicitor certification verifying the accuracy and authenticity of the copy of original document. Solicitor certification is required by most authorities and costs 10 pounds.

Certification of signature

Certification of signature is usually performed by a Notary or a Solictior to attest the identity of the declarant on the Affidavit, Power of Attorney, Statement or any Naturalisation documents. In order to get your signature certified on legal document you need to provide your personal Id and the proof of address.

Notary certification

Many authorities require notary certification of legal or any other documents meaning that the translation has to be sealed with a stamp of a Notary. This type of certification is needed for documents to become equally legal when used abroad and is usually required by public institutions of any foreign county. For some countries further Apostilisation is also required.

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