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Certified Translation Services

Certified translation services for the lowest prices in Northern Ireland

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Business Translation Services in Belfast and Northern Ireland

Based in the centre of Belfast, Document Translation Services Northern Ireland is ideally located to serve all of your business translation needs in the shortest time possible, while always maintaining the utmost standards of professionalism and quality that are demanded of today’s businesses.

Our expansive team of translators allows us to select only those translators, editors and proofreaders who are experienced in the industry relevant to your translated business documents. This ensures that your document is translated to the highest quality and with all appropriate terminology used throughout.

Industry-specific expertise

Only translators experienced in translation in your field of business will be chosen to work on your document, to ensure that all terminology in the source language is translated into the correct equivalent term in the final language. The terminology is checked by an industry expert who is fluent in both the source and final language.

Our linguists are experienced in a wide range of industries including legal, financial services and medical industries – contact us to see if our translators are experienced in your field of business.

We have a number of linguists who specialise exclusively in legal translations – they will ensure that any legal implications in the source document will be rendered clearly, precisely and in full by the translated document. This will in turn be checked by our in-house solicitors and legal advisors. This is also true for our dedicated contract translation service.

Quality in every translation

In addition to selecting only those linguists who are experienced in translation in your field of industry to work on your translation, only one translator will undertake work on your translation. This guarantees that the tone and phraseology of the document will remain consistent throughout.

Furthermore, each translation is checked to the highest level of detail by a proofreader and an expert in your field of industry. The proofreader, who is proficient in both the source and the final language of the document, will ensure that the translation is a true and accurate rendition of the source document. No other translation agency will take the same level of care as we will in translation of your business documents.

If required, our in-house notary can certify your translation. To ensure the highest level of confidentiality, only our linguists and solicitors will work on your document.

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