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Website translation and localisation in Northern Ireland

Among the many services provided by Docsbase, the translation and localisation of websites is one of the most important. While translating documents for business use is important, one cannot deny the usefulness of being able to have a whole website translated into another language. By translating your website, you can bring your whole business into expansive new markets, or share your blog with a huge new audience.

It’s important for business

Any business nowadays that wants to grow has to expand into foreign territories. There’s only so much you can do at home. This is where Docsbase comes into it. Our highly-trained team of translators can help you bring your business wherever you want it. No matter where you start you could end up with offices in France, Spain, Germany, Portugal or even as far as China and Japan with the help of one of our expert translators. Of course, we can help if you want to start or expand your business into Belfast or anywhere in Ireland.

Localisation, not just translation

Our translators won’t just translate the words on your website, they’ll translate the style of your site. We’re sure that your website, whether personal or for business has its own identity that’s very important to the core of what it represents. Our translators will be able to take that identity and recreate it so that the local people will be able to identify with it too. Of course, we make sure it doesn’t change too much. We want people in Ireland to understand what you’re going for but we don’t want your style to be lost on them. Client satisfaction is key and that’s why we work hard to make sure people will love your website no matter what language it’s in. Ideally, the people browsing your new site won’t even know it’s been localised because it will feel so familiar to them already. This is why Docsbase employs native speakers to translate and localise. Many Irish people are working in the Belfast office so they understand the local culture, thus ensuring anything they translate can be localised accurately.


At Docsbase we’re passionate about providing a quality service to our clients. That’s why when a client comes to us with a website to be translated we make sure our best local translators are on the job to ensure our client’s websites will fit naturally into any country they want.

If you want us to translate your website for you please contact us at the address below:

Scottish Provident Building,
Office 507, 7 Donegall Square W,
Belfast BT1 6JH,
United Kingdom
Landline: 028 9568 0532

E-mail: info@translation-ni.com
Skype: merc03g2

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