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Way with words - website translation in Northern Ireland

Way with words - website translation in Northern Ireland

Having had a long experience in translations, we know how important it is for a translator not only to write well in their mother tongue, but also to have a thorough knowledge of the source language. This is why most of our translators are also copywriters, so that they will succeed in communicating a compelling idea in a clear language.

Communication involves connecting with people and building relationships. To be effective, any message has to attract the reader’s attention and be memorable – that is what we try to do when we translate for our customers. In many cases, we had to translate important presentations for famous brands, and we know how important it is to get the right, memorable slogan that makes the reader remember the brand we are translating for. We make sure that our translators have a way with words, have a clear language and an appropriate tone, they write succinctly and their writing achieves impact.

We like to advise our customers about cutting and shortening texts and reducing sentence length to clarify and focus the message and make the text easier to read. Our team of translators always think about the key message.

When translating for brands, we like to keep a close contact with the customer, we request continuous feedback and we work not only with proof-readers but also with copywriters to make sure that the final result will maximise the potential of the original text. When performing a translation, it is impossible to reproduce exactly whatever is said or written in another language, because a translation is simply the visible product of one person’s interpretation of someone else’s writing. A translator not only has to observe the norms and conventions of the target language and restructure accordingly, but also will have his or her own particular take on the original work. But that does not mean that a translator changes everything, or that he or she cannot be trusted. Our translators are experienced professionals, speakers of often 4 or more languages, they tend to specialise on one or two type of translations (legal, technical, medical, educational, commercial) and have all the means and methods to ensure they are trustworthy and that their work is of the highest quality. But we don’t just trust them, we always have their work proofread, and we work in a team to enhance the productivity and correctness.

We have collaborated with many institutions, and we have long lasting relationships with many of them, and this only proves that we respect our promises and we deliver the professional translation that is guaranteed to reach the goals.

To discuss about this, or to get a quote, please contact us via phone on 07999744743 or email at belfast@docsbase.com, we are always happy to help.

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