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Certified Translation Services

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Diplomas, degree and certificate translation in Belfast

One type of document that’s very important for a lot of people is a record of their education, whether that be a university degree, diploma or certificate. Docsbase can also translate academic records from schools as well. Our team of translators in Belfast is very experienced in translating specialised documents like these, for which accuracy is very important. After all, an inaccurate translation could cost you a job. This is why we make sure that after a document has been translated it is then thoroughly proofread to ensure there are no mistakes. The client is then given the document to check and if they should find any errors in it our translators will get it corrected as quickly as possible to ensure client satisfaction.

Certified to translate documents for use in other countries

One important aspect of translating degrees and diplomas is that Docsbase is fully certified to translate academic documents for use in any of the other countries we operate in. This is especially useful for people applying for university courses or applying for new jobs in other countries as they can be sure they can present their degrees to prospective employers in foreign countries like France, Spain, Italy, Germany or further afield in China and Japan.

Useful for getting jobs and getting into University in Belfast

However, Docsbase doesn’t just facilitate people in other countries. Given that we also have an office in Belfast we also help people who are looking for local jobs in Belfast and the Northern Ireland area overall. This helps bring in people from Spain or France for example who want to work locally and need their degrees translated into English for them to start their careers here.

Docsbase makes it quick and easy, order at home, pick it up wherever you want.

On top of all that Docsbase offers a service that allows people to order a document translation in one place and pick it up from another office. Thanks to this, someone coming from another country could contact our French office and pick up their translated diploma from our Belfast office without any extra fees. Of course, you don’t have to be in another country. If you already live in Ireland but have a foreign document, we’ll translate it for you.

To put it simply, no matter where you come from or where you need to go, our team of expert translators will be able to help you get where you need to be.

If you want to contact us you can phone us, send an email, call us on Skype or call into our local Belfast office at the address below.

Contact us:

Scottish Provident Building,
Office 507, 7 Donegall Square W,
Belfast BT1 6JH,
United Kingdom
Landline: 028 9568 0532

E-mail: info@translation-ni.com
Skype: merc03g2

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