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Consent to travel in Northern Ireland: Belfast.

Notarized Consent to travel.

Planning to send your kids on a holiday with your spouse, grandparents, friends or alone? Not sure of documents required?

Due to increasing concern for the safety of children, many governments have special requirements when children under 18 years of age are travelling without both parents.

Many countries now require a notarized letter/consent to be presented to establish the permission of the parents, legal guardians for a child to cross international borders with an accompanying adult.

A simple letter or consent form should be notarized by a licensed notary public or it may be rejected by border officials.

When you need a notarized consent to travel document:

Child Travelling With One Parent – If a child is travelling with only one parent, the absent parent should provide notarized consent.

Child Travelling Alone or Without Either Parent – If a child is travelling alone or is accompanied by an adult other than a parent, both parents must provide notarized consent.

Child Has Only One Parent – If a child has only one parent a notarized copy of the birth certificate or the original should be presented.

Consent to Travel- Form

Just call us on +44 028 9568 0532/0044 7 958 228 499 so our specialists can help you to submit a required form and schedule an appointment with Notary Public.

Certified Translation Services Belfast is specializing in translating, proofreading, certifying and legalizing the documents to meet the requirements of authorities where they have to be submitted.

In collaboration with the Public Notaries in Northern Ireland: Belfast, Derry we can assist with wide range of Notary services including Notary certified translation, Notarised copies and document legalization, signature authentication on Power of Attorney/Consent to Travel, etc.

We are here to save your time and money!

Our Office address is: Scottish Provident Building, Office 507, 7 Donegall Square W, Belfast BT1 6JH

Phone: 0044 7 958 228 499, +44 028 9568 0532.

E-mail: belfast@docsbase.com

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